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Using a Facilitator for a Strategic Planning Session

If you haven’t used a facilitator to run your company’s annual strategic planning session or other important company meeting you should. A facilitator can add value to meetings by providing the following:

  • Encourages trust and open communication

  • Ensures intent and outcome of the meeting is set up front

  • Keeps the meeting on track

  • Has an unbiased view of the task at hand

  • Documentation of decisions and commitments made

  • Ensures the outcome of the meeting is communicated back to the team in a format that is easily shared throughout the organization

Sometimes team leaders will not take the adequate time needed to prepare for an effective strategy session hoping it will run organically. If the desired result of a strategy session is a clear vision with objectives and initiatives that are embraced by all, preparation is key. Facilitators ensure the intention and desired outcomes are defined upfront but allow for the journey to be unique to your company. In need of facilitator? Pendulum Partners can help.

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