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2022 Strategic Planning

2022 Strategic Planning

Have you scheduled your Company’s 2022 Strategic Planning session? Although many companies are still overwhelmed by policy surrounding the Pandemic, don’t underestimate the importance of Post Pandemic Planning.

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”-African Proverb

During the Pandemic the world has been wrought with change. Everything from the physical workspace to the timing and source of supplies. Very little has remained static. Are the Mission, Vision and Values of your company the same as Pre-Pandemic? Your annual strategic Planning session is the ideal time to take another look and evaluate the following questions:

What has changed in our company’s Industry?

· Are there new opportunities and threats?

· How will we differentiate ourselves?

· How will we succeed?

What has changed at our Company?

· Positive changes and negatives changes.

· Why do we do what we do?

· What could we do?

What has changed within our team?

· Have their motivations changed?

· What do we value?

· Who must do what to achieve our goals?

Strategic planning does not need to be a chore. It is a perfect time to bring your team together, celebrate past successes, build trust, and clarify goals. Step one - set the date. Step two – hire a facilitator. Pendulum Partners can facilitate your planning session so your entire team can participate.

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